Welcome to the e-method library.

This library contains Dr. Levy’s signature audio methods. Known as Extreme De-Stressors of the Mind, these protocols combine clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, and meditation to evolve the mind very rapidly. Extreme De-stressors are highly effective and very easy to use: all you do is sit back and listen.

This library is continually expanded, so revisit this page in the future for new methods you can use to achieve your goals for a healthy, stress-free, joyful and successful life — a life without limits.

You may currently access all Miraculous Health Methods on our SoundCloud profile: soundcloud.com/thelevycenters.

The Brain Power Surge

Power Surge image

This audio method will super-charge your mind and body with positive energy, joy, optimism and stamina. During this method you will be invited to meditate briefly. If you have a technique that works for you, use it. Otherwise, click here for an easy, well researched meditation technique.

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The Gearshift Exercise

Gear Shift

This is Dr. Levy’s most popular method. It enables you to harness mental power and insight from all levels of your mind — including subconscious and super-conscious dimensions of mind that most people cannot access on their own — and focus them all on achieving any goal of your choosing: better health, a great job, healing a loved one, transforming your business, a new scientific innovation, a large vision for the public good — any noble goal.

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Catharsis — also known as Hypnotic Regression


This method will take you back in time to release old emotional pain, gain deeper insights into the purpose and meaning of your life, and deliver the power to shape your future. This method is safe for the vast majority of users, but you should not use it without the aid of a mental health professional if you are unable to control your emotions, suffer from mental illness or have experienced trauma. The resulting release of emotion may be more than you can handle without assistance. Please be wise, and be well.

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What Clients and Critics Have To Say About Dr. Levy

“I have known Dr. Rick Levy and his remarkable work for many years. He is a careful, responsible and compassionate therapist and healer.”                 

Brian L. Weiss M.D.
Author:  Many Lives, Many Masters
and Only Love is Real



 “Dr. Levy provides concise understanding and methods that anyone can use to discover and apply their own infinite potential. His work consists of specific, proven, scientific mental technologies that deliver results which are nothing shy of miraculous.”

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
Founder President
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation
The Foundation of Amity Institutions
and Universities worldwide



 “The Happiness Sutra is Dr. Levy’s gift to society. It’s a ‘How to Change Your Life and Your World’ manual which spells out in a very clear and concise manner how to lead a happy, fearless and productive life, free of distress and disease, on one’s way to achieving one’s highest destiny.”

Dr. Vijay Mohan Kohli, MS, MCh, FIACS
Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Metro Heart Institute
Consultant, Thorax Centre
University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden