The Happiness Sutra: How to live a heroic life, free of stress

by Dr. Rick Levy

The Levy Methods in MP3 format

These audio methods are intended exclusively for use by readers of 
The Happiness Sutra by Dr. Rick Levy, and are solely intended to be applied using the guidance in the book. Neither Dr. Levy nor his clinics, affiliates or academic partners are responsible for use of these methods outside the guidelines provided in The Happiness Sutra. Please be wise and be well.

Chapter One: The Stressbuster

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Chapter Seven: Hypnotically Guided Meditation

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Chapter Eleven: Catharsis, also known as Regression

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 A note of caution: this method allows you to reach into the past to free yourself from old pain and misunderstanding. It is a powerful tool that is safe for a vast majority of users. However, do not use it if you have difficulty managing your emotions, have suffered from trauma in the past, or are in treatment for a mental condition. If this is you, use the method only with the help of a licensed mental health professional.

Dr. Rick Levy
"In today's world, a brain and body impervious to stress and a fully enlightened mind are essential for success.

The Levy Methods will get you there if you practice them regularly.
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Q: “Why do most people get a sensational, miraculous benefit from using the methods, while some have to work with the methods for a while to get the same effect?”
A: Two factors will determine how quickly you get the results you’re looking for: the degree to which you are engaging your Story Behind the Story - your personal quest for meaning and purpose - and how well you are able to maintain a receptive attitude.